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17 March 2019

Priit Mihkelson UK Mini Camp 5, March 2019

Class #1123
Fighting Fit Stone, Priit Mihkelson, Stafford, UK - 16-17/03/2018


On applying armbars, you only need one shoulder. You can triangle the arm and hook your leg under them. You can even go under their head.

For armbar escape, thumb down, elbow away from their stomach. Other elbow blocking their other foot, free shoulder. Come up on elbow, turn away. Or, bring legs towards them, don't be perpendicular. Can do a bridge, jump over with omoplata. Always keep that thumb down.

With kimura grip, seeing which direction the hand can move. Sometimes it is hitchhiker, but mostly going towards elbow, put weight on elbow. Don't be perpendicular, moving your alignment so you end up in a line.

As ever, don't be flat, turn slightly. Same as when they try to grab your leg, turn, keep your leg down so they can't do cradle or spider web or whatever.


Arms on outside, keep that connection. Can use them to base, also always ready to push on the shin. İf the shins step back to stop your push, they will probably lean in, so you can push on the arm instead.

İf they get your hips up, shuffle back on your shoulders. İf there is distance (or they are trying to bring your feet to the mat), sit up. Avoid crossing your leg right over, keep that tense and ready to push, weaving back in not just flopping right across.

Priit did an interesting block of knee cut. Hooks over the top, elbow is on their knee, reaching down. Though I think that was a later defence, not sure. This was after class, she. he was working through some questions with Karla.

Also, reverse DLR type, push on hip. Knee shield, grab their head. Can kind of berimbolo them from there. Also, wrapping arm behind your leg to go for it.

İf they leg drag, your dragged leg knee points down (you need to be careful of leglocks here), blocking their shin with your hand, or their arm. Your other foot pushes into their same side hip.

With over under, grab their wrist rather than blocking the hip. Keep grilled chicken so you can spin. He also talked about sitting up, head in front of hips. just like grilled chicken is knees to chest, sitting guard is chest to knees.

İn the vids, Priit managed to sweep them right over by rolling through, or pulling arm into knee and tilting. The roll through was opposite shoulder, continuing that motion.

Q & A

For stack pass, never has head directly in the middle. He keeps it off to the side.

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