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17 April 2019

17/04/2019 - Teaching | Mount | Armbar grip breaks

Teaching #853
Artemis BJJ (Easton Road), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 17/04/2019

When going for the armbar, you will most likely find that they clasp their hands together in some way to prevent you completing the submission. There are numerous options for breaking that grip. The simplest and most universal is, I think, bringing your leg (that you have nearest their legs, not the one nearer their head as that would destabilise your control) into the crook of their elbow and pushing the grip loose, combining that push with a pull from your arms.

It isn't foolproof, but it seems to be the one that works most often for me. Drop back, squeezing your knees, then pull down on their wrist and raise your hips for the finish. For another option, you can try leaning back towards their head, while you're still holding their locked arms. Draw a semi-circle with your body from there, swinging towards their legs. Depending on how they're gripping, that may pull the arm free: this one is probably best for when they're just clasping their hands together.

For a more complex option, your can try weaving your arms through. Your arm nearest their head goes under their arm. You bring your other arm over to the side nearest their head, so that your elbow is against their elbow. Clasp your hands together, then twist out. It's hard to visualise from text, but hopefully the video below makes it clearer:

Teaching Notes: I'll keep playing with which grip breaks to go with. I'd like to research some others, like the wrist locking ones, pulling the elbows in etc. There are lots to try, so practice some others in daytime next time.

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