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03 May 2019

03/05/2019 - Teaching | Mount | Pressing armbar

Teaching #858
Artemis BJJ (Easton Road), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 03/05/2019

From low mount, hook their elbow and walk your hand up (spider crawling your fingers). Keep doing that until you can lock their arm to their head with your cross facing hand. At this point, their arm might be drifting across, which sets you up for an arm triangle or a back take. If the arm stays on the outside of your head, you can instead go for an armbar.

Alternatively, you can drive your head by their forearm to push it into place, if like me you prefer the armbar. Once you have it to the outside of your head, keep your forehead on the ground to prevent them getting their arm free. Keep your arm tight, then move upwards until you can get the back of your head to their wrist, your arm/s just below their elbow.

The goal here is to lock their arm by the elbow and the wrist. That then means you can get a pressing armbar. In this situation, you're going to pull your arms inwards, while pushing your head outwards. Due to the back of your head jamming against the back of their wrist, you can hopefully prevent them twisting their arm as they attempt to relieve the pressure. If you haven't got the pressure right, you can simply adjust and try again: this is a fairly low risk attack, as long as you keep everything tight.

With your feet, press the soles against their sides. This should enable you to control their lower body while you set up and then apply the submission.
Teaching Notes: Keep forehead on the mat, tight from the start, their wrist on the back of your head. Thanks to goatfury for this one: check out his website. :D

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