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10 May 2019

10/05/2019 - Friday daytime, scarf hold entry and leg americana

Class #1145
Artemis BJJ (Easton Road), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 10/05/2019

As always, it was very useful to teach this in the daytime, even though it's basic material. That's because of the excellent questions I got from Paulina and Tracey, along with Ignacio. Make sure the leg by their side is straight and parallel, or it will be difficult to bend the leg back to hook their wrist for the americana. Also, if they are keeping their elbow super tight, drive your hip into it enough to open a gap, then rotate and pry it open by pressing your back into it, pushing off both your legs.

On a simpler note, get as high as possible into their armpit. This will prevent them from easily bringing their legs into play for the escape, as they'll struggle to get it back to your head. On the same topic, jam your head tight: you can even shove it right by their skull. That way there is no route for them to get their legs into play, plus it will be harder for them to push their arm into your neck to open up that space.

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