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17 May 2019

17/05/2019 - Teaching | Side Control | Scarf hold escapes

Teaching #865
Artemis BJJ (Easton Road), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 17/05/2019

There are three main escapes I teach from scarf hold. The first is one I don't personally use, but it is commonly taught. Link your hands behind their back, trying to clamp into their floating rib. Bridge firmly into them, using that space to try and get underneath them too. Retaining your position with hips off the floor, bridge the other way and roll them over. I find this hug and roll motion tricky: as a smaller person, if I don't get the technique absolutely perfect, it's a strain to roll them over, I therefore find this escape works a lot better when you're bigger than your partner.

My preference is to instead frame and shrimp. First you need to get your elbow free, bringing that to the mat. This might be from bridging, wriggling, yanking etc: however you're able to get your elbow out of their control. Your other arm frames against their neck. At this point, you can also use your freed hand to grab your other wrist, to further bolster your frame. Shrimp away from them, then using your frame to maintain that space, pull your knee through the window you've created. At this point you can either recover guard, or if they're slow in their reaction, you might even be able to take the back.

The final escape I'm familiar with starts off the same as the frame and shrimp. Instead of continuing to shrimp and try to bring your knee through, you're going to drive them as close to your legs and possible. You can then bring your leg over their head, using that to push them over, putting you on top instead. This works especially well if you're flexible with long legs. You might even be able to shift into an armbar variation from there.

Teaching Notes: Is it worth showing the hug and roll? Probably, a few people seemed to be doing that well. Emphasise that the hips stay off the ground. I showed three, but seemed like people were ok on getting that.

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