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14 August 2019

14/08/2019 - Teaching | Lapel Guard | Overwrap to Push kick sweep

Teaching #895
Artemis BJJ (Easton Road), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 14/08/2019

Lapel guard has numerous variations. The one I learned from Mario at the 2019 BJJ Globetrotters Heidelcamp is what is commonly known as squid guard. Given that's a rather unhelpful name, I'm choosing to refer to the position in a more descriptive way, so a lapel overwrap. Start off by getting a grip of their lapel, putting your same side foot into their hip and shoving.

You then want to grasp the lapel with your other hand too. The hand on the same side of the lapel should be on the bottom, in order to facilitate transferring the grip later on. Be aware that this can put a lot of strain on the gi, so an old gi might not enjoy the tension much (as I discovered when I taught this ;D).

You are then going to let go with your same side hand, underhooking their leg. You may need to swivel sideways slightly for this. Bring your same side foot slightly past their hip at this point, while also bringing their lapel over the top of both your leg and their leg. Pass the lapel to your underhooking hand, securing the position.

This is now a very strong guard. That's because your foot is firmly attached to them, meaning they can't shove it to the side for the usual pass. If you foot was not wrapped in the gi, they would have a number of options to go over, around and under the leg. Wrapping it with the gi removes all of those routes to a pass: they have to disentangle themselves first.

At this point, you can now go for one of the simplest sweeps in BJJ, a variation of what I call the double ankle grab sweep. Grab the outside of both their ankles, then retract both your feet so they are on your partners hips. Note that you don't want to hang out here: as soon as you bring your lapel overwrap foot away from the overwrap, your leg is much more vulnerable to getting shoved out the way and thereby losing the position and perhaps even getting passed.

Push them over, as you do so bringing your knees towards your chest and immediately sitting up into a crouch. From there you're in a great position to pass. There are numerous other ways you could get up, that's just the simplest. You could also keep hold of an ankle, rotating your hand to push down on the top, then do a technical stand up to get up and move into a pass. Or, you could switch your grip to their trouser cuff and shove it into the air, passing to knee on belly. Or, you could try and diagonally slide through to mount. Etc. ;)

Mario has a video on this (taken at the camp) over @mariodrills on his Instagram:


Teaching Notes: Is this more of a closed guard technique, appropriate to that? Not really I guess, because of the set up I've been showing, though you could go from closed guard. Next time, good to show some other ways of getting up, potentially, though I like the simplicity of the one I typically use.

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