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21 August 2019

21/08/2019 - Teaching | Open Guard | Legweave pass (knee version)

Teaching #897
Artemis BJJ (Easton Road), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 21/08/2019

The leg weave pass operates by trapping their leg underneath you. When their leg is between yours, you can cut across to the side and drop in order to trap it. Turn your hips out to the side, not straight down. From there, wriggle your legs up, as per the vid:

You can also pin their leg on top of the other, then move around behind to side control. Again, as per the vid:

Teaching Notes: First time I've taught the leg weave as an evening class. Thing is this one also needs me to show the step on thigh part. I'm sure there are applications to more standard positions too, so I should test that more as well. Whenever they have a leg up and the other is low enough, that cutting the knee under should be viable.

Main problem is people keeping their hips pointing down at the ground, meaning they end up more on their knees and leave too much space for the other person to adjust and recover some kind of guard. Hips need to be facing more off at a sideways angle, I think, get the weight more onto them and take away that space.

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