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28 August 2019

28/08/2019 - Teaching | Open Guard | Backstep pass from step on thigh & vs shin on shin

Teaching #899
Artemis BJJ (Easton Road), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 28/08/2019

The backstep is a very useful motion which applies in all sorts for scenarios. I'll start off with Brad Wolfson's step on thigh passing position, where you are placing your foot on their thigh to pin one of their legs to the ground. Once you do that, most of the time they will attempt to use their other leg to block you, such as hooking behind your knee.

This is where the backstep motion can come in. Drop your thigh-stepping knee into their stomach. Use that as a base point, flinging your other leg high in the air and all the way over. You should end up with your back is pointing at their head, in a sort of reverse scarf hold. In other words, you're sat next to them, facing their legs, with the sole of your non-sliding leg foot on the floor.

From there, switch your hips, sliding your other leg under the backstepping leg, settling into side control. You can also use the backstep from further out to pass. This is a more dynamic option, where you put your hand on their knee and hip, then fling your whole body around. The backstep comes in mid air, meaning you effectively jump over the legs

A slightly different option I also showed today comes from Christian Graugart. I refer to this one as a flare step, which Christian showed vs shin on shin. Grab the back of their collar, 'flaring' the leg that is against their leg over the top. It's a quick swivel, putting your foot from where it was behind their leg, to now appearing by their shin.

As soon as that foot is by their hip, you have passed their legs. Capitalise on that by sending the rest of your body to meet your foot. Again, you can do this via a backstep, flinging yourself over to land in that same reverse scarf hold type position.

You can also backstep in non-passing situation, like going from knee on belly to mount. Specifically, it's reverse knee on belly. From there, if you backstep your leg past their head, you can fling it through to end up in what I've heard called 'cowbody mount'. If you're lucky, you might be able to pinch your knees in and go for a triangle, depending where their arm is, but most likely you'll just end up in an unorthodox mount position.

Teaching Notes: Felt pretty good, only thing is, do people need a lot of extra knowledge for this? Also, Christian said to grip collar with other hand. So, IIRC, not the one that feel natural, which is same side as you're passing, but the other hand. Reason being, you can then use your same side hand to control their knee on the way down. Should test that version next time.

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