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29 November 2019

29/11/2019 - Teaching | Side Control | Reverse kimura

Teaching #919
Artemis BJJ (Easton Road), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 29/11/2019

Once you have a step over triangle from side control, a number of options become available. One of the more unusual ones is what Baret Yoshida calls a reverse kimura. Yoshida's set up comes into play when you are trying for a standard kimura from north south, but they lock their hands together. That makes it easy for you to thread your leg through and lock in a triangle. You can then drop to the side.

From there, bring the arm you have closest to theirs inside those locked arms. This is liable to be a tight squeeze, so works better nogi. You can also try using the lapel wrap during your kimura set up, as that way you can maintain some control as you attempt to shove your other arm into the gap. Once it is through, wedging your elbow/forearm against their arm should result in a tight control. Your can then lock your hands together and twist. At worst that should break their grip, at best you'll have enough control to apply a kimura due to how you've locked their arm in place.

Another situation you might be able to apply this from is when they are defending an armbar and have locked their arms together. The same principles apply, though you have a little less control as you can't lock on a triangle from this position.
Teaching Notes: It is tricky to get the arm inside, especially if you're bigger and both in gis (due to all that friction). Grabbing the elbow and pushing it to make space, so it ends up flared out, helps a bit. Also, demonstrating nogi when somebody is too big to get it in the gi.

I'm also curious is this has applicability outside of the specific scenario Baret Yoshida shows it from, which is when they lock their hands as you go for the n/s kimura. There are plenty of situation where the hands are locked, most notably armbars from the mount: could it work there? Something I want to play with some more.

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