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09 December 2019

09/12/2019 - Teaching | Mount | Escape from technical mount to deep half

Teaching #922
Artemis BJJ (Easton Road), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 09/12/2019

Deep half can be a bit tricky for beginners to get their head around, so I will often show a simple method to get there from under technical mount. This can work as a technical mount escape too. From technical mount, reach your arm behind their leg. Bump, while at the same time pushing their ankle with your other hand to trap their leg between yours.

Protect your neck with your 'bottom' hand, as otherwise they'll have a clear route to choke you. Alternative option to the above is to work on widening any space between the back of their knee and your torso, inserting your top arm into that space. Once you can get your arm through into the gap behind their knee, reach in and grab your gi trousers, by your knee. Start moving your legs towards your head, until there is an opportunity to shove their leg between yours and switch to deep half guard, controlling that leg with both of your own.

Your aim is to get your entire body underneath their leg, accomplished by your swivelling motion. You may need to push off their hip with your other hand, to help that wriggle underneath them. Once you've swivelled, reach your first hand around the outside of their leg, gripping the inside of their knee. You other hand tucks underneath their leg, so they can't grab it.

Finally, your legs are trapping their one leg. Make sure at least one of your legs is hooked over the top, so they can't just remove their leg and pass. Your other leg could be locking your other, or some people prefer to hook under their opponent's leg, meaning they can lift.

Teaching Notes: The technical mount intro is definitely easier, so I think that works as a simple method for showing deep half. People weren't always staying tight enough, maybe show more of a pass at the end? Though the important part is getting them used to deep half. I could talk more about keeping the legs tight: Faria triangles his legs and squeezes, to prevent them pulling their leg out.

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