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23 December 2019

23/12/2019 - Xmas Class | Teaching | Half Guard | Gi Tail Choke

Teaching #927
Artemis BJJ (Easton Road), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 23/12/2019

You have a standard half guard top position, with a cross-face. Pull out their lapel, bringing it under their far arm. Feed that under their head to your cross-facing hand, so you can pull the gi into their neck on the far side. Let them come up on their side: it doesn't matter if they get an underhook, as you can jam your cross-face arm into their head to stop them turning too far. Next is the hard part: dig your free arm down their chest to your cross-face hand, then transfer your grip. Drop the shoulder of that second hand side, staying tight to them.

Get your newly free hand past their head, anchoring it to their upper back by grasping the gi lapel. Circle that arm into their neck. To finish, pull with your hand gripping the end of the gi lapel, leaning your weight into their neck to press your other arm and close off the choke. Keep your wrist solid, so that there is a straight line from your arm to your hand. A common mistake is to curl that second hand grip around: this brings the pressure off their neck. You instead want that straight line, so your wristbone is driving into their neck.

Once they know this choke, they may try and block you as you try to bring your arm for that second grip. If they do, drag their arm across your body, then squish down. Grab around their head and grip the gi, then sink your weight down as you pull on the initial grip, for a brabo variation with the gi.

Teaching Notes: Keep your arms tight to them, elbows to their chest. You need to turn in slightly, don't leave space. Also, make sure that the wrist of your second grip is straight. If you are curling your second hand, that will also curl the pressure away from their neck. Make sure you keep that wrist strong, so your wristbone drives into their neck.

I forgot to mention the brabo style follow up if they try to block their choke with their arm, that's one to mention next time.

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