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03 January 2020

03/01/2020 - BJJ Globetrotter Camp | Winter Camp 2020 | Greg Wood, sneaky subs

Class #1209
Jugendhotel Wiederkehr, Greg Wood, Wagrain, Austria - 03/01/2020

Wristlock under broken scarf hold, grab their hand with non-elbow to ground arm. Push into your shoulder/chest crook, their knuckles down. Angle their elbow for wrist lock.

Subs. Grab head under side control, secure by your leg. Push their arm back and step over. Then, pull head while slowly pulling arm.

They move to pass, reach behind arm, can lock up d'arce. Fun class, and almost the last I saw of Greg for the rest of camp, as poor Greg fell ill with a nasty flu. Hence why this camp was begin referred to as Plague Camp: very fortunately for me, I managed to avoid it. My diet heavy in Nutella apparently worked. :P

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