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05 January 2020

05/01/2020 - BJJ Globetrotter Camp | Winter Camp 2020 | Open Mat

Class #1218
Jugendhotel Wiederkehr, Open Mat, Wagrain, Austria - 05/01/2020

As ever, I'll combine all my rolling into one post. Though also as ever, the bulk of it was indeed at the final open mat. ;)

I did my typical approach of rolling with friends, which resulted in a good range. One experienced white belt (fun to roll with Gina again), a few times with blue belt Mina (gi and nogi), plus tough blue belt Lisia, Caroline and Nat.Then a couple of purple belts, Anna (squashed me more than last time) and very solid Vivane (narrowly escaped some chokes).

I'm still getting my back taken too often from running escape against good people. The slow motion seoinage continues to save my butt when that happens. Finished off with a black belt, Lilo, trying to stay on top. As she's better than me, I was moving much quicker than normal! 😉

Another amazing Winter Camp, with great people, great training and great memories! Not quite as memorable as last year, but I think that's because I finally managed to regulate my sleep properly. That means I didn't go into super hyper up mood like I normally do at camp. Being really hyper is a lot of fun, BUT not healthy or sustainable in the long term. So on balance, much better to avoid, as much as I look forward to that massive mood boost. Have to be careful cyclothymia doesn't tip into full bipolar, as that naturally wouldn't be good. ;D

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