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09 March 2020

09/03/2020 - Teaching | Side Control | Far side armbar

Teaching #945
Artemis BJJ (Easton Road), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 09/03/2020

First you need to secure their far arm. Sometimes they will give it to you by reaching up past your head (on the side closest to their legs), generally if they're inexperienced. That makes it easy to clamp their arm by wrapping it with your own arm, keeping your head low so they can't circle the arm safely back into your neck.

If they don't give it to you, there are a few ways to force it. My preference is to slide my arm into the crook of their elbow, pull their arm across, then rotate my arm around to lock their arm in place. A good option I saw Seymour Yang show is to try for an americana. They will often attempt to straighten their arm to escape: when they do, be ready for it and again clamp their arm in place. Naturally if they don't escape the americana, great, you go for that submission.

Once you have the arm locked, pull them up onto their side. You could do that by pushing off your other hand on the mat, some people also like to put their knee on the belly at this point too. Once they are on their side, turn your hips so you can get your knee (nearest their legs) into their armpit. Push their head down and step your other leg (nearest their head) over, aiming to get your knee to their far armpit. The sole of your foot should be on the ground.

From here, you can either grab their trouser leg and sit down, or I like to grab their other arm and pull it towards me. That acts both as a balance, as well as preventing their ability to turn. Lock their wrist to you, scoot your butt in closer to their shoulder if there is any space. Also make sure your outside foot has the heel pinched to their head. Your other foot is tucked underneath them. Your knees should also be squeezed together.

Then, and only then, drop back, pull on the wrist and raise your hips for the finish. There is no need to rush: take a bit of time to make sure everything is tight. Beginners will frequently lose position because they get too excited and leap into armbars, leaving loads of space. Going slower with more control will pay off. :D

Teaching Notes: Emphasise the squeezed knees, a lot of people forget about that. Also, don't drop back immediately, sit down and tighten everything up first. Worth demonstrating how that crazy spin leaves too much space, take your time instead. Xande's version is definitely better than what I was doing before, it feels much tighter. So, I will stick with this version (off his excellent instructional from back in 2010).

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