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13 March 2020

13/03/2020 - Friday daytime, coronavirus update & americana for Monday

Class #1232
Artemis BJJ (Easton Road), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 13/03/2020

Like other local gyms, we're currently following the official UKBJJA guidance on the coronavirus (naturally we'll continue to review as the situation develops). I've also stuck a bunch of notices on the walls and changing rooms to further emphasise it. Full details on the website.

If you're my student, please make sure you read it, and WASH YOUR HANDS before and after entering the gym. Very important, people! This should go without saying, but washing your hands is 100% mandatory before stepping on the mats, you also need to wash them as you leave.

In terms of technique, prepping the americana. That little tip from Seymour about using it as a set-up for getting the arm on the leg-side of your head is very handy, so I'm planning to add that in too. Especially as I've just shown several armbar set ups off that, plus it fits with my favoured kimura from north south set up. :D

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