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24 August 2022

24/08/2022 - Teaching | Butterfly Half Guard | Roll under sweep

Teaching #Evening
Artemis BJJ (7 Easton Rd), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 24/08/2022

Generally, the simplest option from half guard is to try and get back to either open or closed guard. Always keep that option in mind, if they leave enough space that you can free your leg. Saying that, if you can get a sweep, that's even better, because it puts you on top.

For example, if you're in butterfly half guard, when you go for the sweep you may find they manage to post to prevent you sending them over in that direction (or their base is really solid). Should that happen, you can instead roll underneath them. Fire your arm, shoulder and then head between their legs, rolling them over the top. This should be effortless: if you are finding it a strain, you haven't got underneath them enough.

Maintain your hook on the leg, as that will mean you can engage your legs, rather than relying on your core to roll them over the top. As a good general rule, remember to always control their arm in the direction you're sweeping. They may try to post it to prevent the roll under. You can use your free arm to wrap around their arm, meaning they can no longer post. _____________________

Teaching Notes: Emphasise the hips getting right under. Also, always control their arm in the direction you're sweeping, hooking around with your free arm. That bit is easy to forget, but also easy to correct when wandering around in drilling, as it's obvious when somebody can post with their arm to stop the sweep. ;)

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