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01 March 2005

Training Log: General

In February this year, I started some major writing commitments, which meant that I could get back into semi-regular training in ZSK, as detailed above. After that academic year ended (my writing started towards the end of the academic year, which finishes in June) and before the start of this one (September), I’ve been going to holiday sessions of ZSK most Tuesdays, and also tried to work out regularly with some light weights (just 5kg dumbells), doing a few sets of 10 reps (varying exercise depending on the day – also, recently been moving to just doing 10-25 reps and leaving it at that on each, depending how much I can do) on basic bicep curls, hammer curls, Arnold press, concentration curls, the see-saw press thing, pronated and supinated tricep curls, and (when I’m in Bucks so can use my father’s weight bench) bench press (still with dumbbells though). I’ve also been trying that stomach vacuum thing, but not entirely sure if its done anything except enabled me to hold my breath longer. Whichever, I’ve been basing most of that on this site (mentioned before on Bullshido; think that’s where I got the link in the first place), which lists a whole load of exercises, the quality of which I can’t vouch for, but on a personal level at least seem to have helped with my goals in weight-training.

Anyway, back to the training log for March…

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