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26 October 2005

26/10/05 - ZSK

26/10/05 – Zhuan Shu Kuan, University of Warwick

I skipped ZSK and KJJ yesterday as I thought I’d give my illness one more day to recover, though of course that didn’t stop me being one of a whole three people who turned up to the social last Saturday. Still, even with just three of us (one of whom was simply an old friend of mine who’d never been anywhere near a martial arts class), we had a pretty good time – I even managed to get them to dance inanely to the 60s/70s/80s pop played at ‘Time Tunnel’!

As usual, Paddy wasn’t able to make it this Wednesday – sounds like he has fallen ill in the same way I have. I went through a quick warm-up (i.e., couple of jumps, star-jumps etc), stretched, and then got straight onto the heavy bag. I’ve got into a routine of doing five of each kick from the back and then front leg, moving on to punches, and finally combinations, where I try to treat the bag like a sparring partner rather than a big fat pad. I’ve been having trouble with punches on my left hand for a while now, which must be to do with my hand position – I tend to rip the skin off the middle joint on my index and ring finger. That makes it difficult to work further strikes on that hand until it heals back up; I really need to find myself a boxing gym for better hand positioning!

Finished off by prancing in front of the mirror with a few jumpy-spinny kicks, stretched, then left. Only doing about 30 mins at the moment, so hopefully Paddy will start making these regularly again soon; even better would be if a few more people turned up.

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