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26 October 2005

26/10/05 - Judo - INJURED!!

Class #3

26/10/05 – Judo, University of Warwick

I’d been looking forward to the judo, having decided that its probably where I’m going to get the most useful training, as I haven’t yet found an affordable BJJ place. I wore my ZSK gi top, which had been languishing at the bottom of a cupboard for a few years now, because I hate wearing it. However, it was better than a t-shirt for judo, so I pulled it out of retirement.

The session followed the same pattern as last time, with a quick warm-up (running round the mats then on the stop, breakfalls, stretches etc) after which we moved onto turnovers from hands and knees (commonly known as the turtle). Firstly the guy curled up grabbed the other guys arm above the elbow and pulled him across, then the other guy executed either a two hand grab on their rear arm, or took hold of their rear leg and arm, again pulling to turn them onto their back in each case. The annoying bloke I got paired with last week was looking around for a partner, and I tried to avoid him; unfortunately, there was no-one else.

So, we each went through it five times. Then the class was told to do another two, each side. Now, my partner was the sort of person who was determined to prove his incredible manliness by doing techniques as fast and hard as he could. Unfortunately for me, this meant that he did the technique wrong, leaving me on my side rather than my back, whereupon he slammed his entire bodyweight onto my right shoulder, which was now lined up with the left. Said left shoulder protested with a loud click, and the shooting pain meant I wasn’t going to be doing anything else that session.

Resisting the urge to kick my ‘training partner’ in the face, I remained civil while clutching my shoulder. If this had been a ZSK class, the instructor or one of the exec would have rushed over to check I was ok, then got a first aid kit. The instructors hadn't noticed me, but I guess they were busy teaching, which would be understandable. So, I got up and, still clutching my shoulder and in obvious pain, asked one of them if they had any ice, or indeed a first aid kit. Whereupon I was told to go to reception. Two floors down. Great.

Reception managed to get me an ice pack, but apparently were low on resources due to a hockey match. Its reassuring to know that the £30 fee that has recently been introduced for all students who want to use the sports centre is being used so well – I certainly enjoyed the fabulous health benefits, such as a physio who was only available on appointment and the marvellous first aid provision of one swiftly lukewarm ice pack.

Needless to say, I spent the next two hours (catching a bus and then two trains as normal) getting home to Birmingham feeling pretty pissed off. Just as that illness was finally abating after three weeks of grogginess, my shoulder got busted; so, that’s probably another week or two off training, maybe longer. *&^)%# over-enthusiastic noobs!!!

[Note: Took way longer than a week - I was out for around 7 months!. Exactly a year after that injury, I finally tried out BJJ. The rest is history ;D]

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