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09 May 2006

09/05/2006 - ZSK

University of Warwick Zhuan Shu Kuan (ZSK), Rod Richardson, Coventry, UK – 09/05/2006

I had my first session of ZSK (or indeed any martial art) since October today, and it was good to be back. I still don’t quite have the use of my shoulder, but I really enjoyed not only getting back to the exercise and technique side of things, but chatting to the people; the instructor, Rod, has known me since I started uni back in 1999, so especially nice to catch up with him.

Session started off with the usual warm-up, which all went fine except press-ups, which I can’t yet do properly again. So instead, I did them one-arm, which seemed to work ok as we only did 50 and not all at once. I noticed the difference in flexibility, however, although I’m at an ok level; not as good as I’d like, and its also much more difficult to support my bodyweight without just the one arm.

Ste was taking the class (he did look to me, as I’m the senior grade, but I didn’t fancy doing it injured!) for the first section, with Rod coming in a little later. Once he arrived, we then progressed through our normal Tuesday syllabus; compulsories all the way through (always knackering, especially the jumping kicks at the end), mercifully brief run through the first form, then onto pads.

Here again I couldn’t participate fully; I tried doing some padwork at home with my girlfriend, but the shock through my left arm was too painful on the shoulder. However, I could still work the bag ok, which reminded me again that there is a lot I need to work on. It may be partially due to my gloves (which only extend to the knuckle), but I’m still managing to rip the skin off the second joint of my fingers. I’m also trailing slightly with the thumb, and sending too much force through my wrist. Kicks were a little better, but I need to work on the targeting; it was all front leg side kick, and I kept shifting off the heel to the middle of the foot or worse, onto the front a couple of times. If that had been against pads or a person rather than a comparatively light bag, I could well have hurt myself. Don’t need anymore injuries!

There was no sparing at the end, as we ran out of time, but I couldn’t have taken part anyway (though if it comes up in the ensuing weeks, I could try doing light contact or something, to work technique, footwork and fitness). The physio continues to be elusive, but I’m determined to track him down on the next available day, which will be the Monday after next. Hopefully he’ll give me the all clear, and then I can finally get down to Gracie Barra in Brum – its getting very tiresome saying I’ll go and not being able to actually do it!

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