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16 May 2006

16/05/2006 - ZSK

University of Warwick Zhuan Shu Kuan (ZSK), Rod Richardson, Coventry, UK – 16/05/2006

Much the same this week, although I was very pleased to get my girlfriend to come along training, which she hasn’t done in about 2 years. Unfortunately, that also meant we were a little late, as she got stuck in meetings and we then got stuck in traffic (probably would have helped if I’d remembered to bring the map. Ahem).

Still, we only missed about 20 minutes, which was just the warm-up, and entered in the middle of stretching. Quick bunch of sit-ups and leg-raisers, then I joined the rest of class. Rod was extremely surprised to see my gf there, but then that’s to be expected; last time we trained, he wasn’t there, so its even longer since he last saw her!

After the stretches, training followed the pattern of last Tuesday, as we went through all the compulsories (starts off with a rather TMA blocking one, then onto rear-leg front, spurning, side, turning and hook, followed by the same kicks off the front-leg then stepping, after which its rear-leg back, spinning hook, inner and outer axe, onto stepping jumping front, side, turning and back kicks, finishing up with the same jumping kicks but this time without a step). Didn’t bother with the form, which is always a pleasure to skip, moving straight on to padwork.

I was slightly worried I’d have problems this week, as the skin on my knuckles hasn’t grown back yet, but we focused on elbows (first jab and elbow, then spinning elbow) rather than punches, moving swiftly on to kicks and knees (front-leg front-kick, then added a knee). I ended up with my gf rather than the heavy bag, which was probably a good thing as it gave me a chance to rest. Though then again, I could only use one arm for holding the pads, which got particularly strained when I had to twist for the other side. Really looking forward to the damn shoulder healing!

No sparring again this week, which was a little strange; could be that they’re concentrating more on free sparring during the Thursday and Sunday lessons. Doesn’t bother me, as I wouldn’t spar anyway at the moment; not being able to punch might be a bit of a hindrance!

No Rod for the next two weeks, so lessons should be interesting. Will have to see what Ste comes up with.

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