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23 May 2006

23/05/2006 - ZSK

University of Warwick Zhuan Shu Kuan (ZSK), Rod Richardson (in Bali, so Ste took the class), Coventry, UK – 23/05/2006

Not much to write this week: Rod is on holiday, so Ste took the whole class this week instead of just the warm-up. We did the usual run round the room thing, though Ste upped the count to 80 per exercise rather than 50. I tried doing one-arm press-ups instead of normal ones, and probably did about 40 or 50 (pretty crappy ones, though) out of the 80, but think I’ll shift to just doing sit-ups while my shoulder heals up.

After the warm-up and stretching, Ste then launched into a bunch of fitness drills. He made up some combinations of pad work with exercises, which of course meant technique went out the window and there certainly wasn’t any aliveness. Still, pretty good work out. Started off with jab-cross turning kick, then a press-up, followed by front leg front kick and knee with a triple-sit-up (normal, to the left, to the right), next just kicking the bag as many times as possible in a minute with rear leg turning kick (weak leg first; I think I got about 63 on my left, but only 50 something on my stronger right leg, so did some penalty sit-ups), finishing up with a rear-leg side kick followed by a burpee (my shoulder certainly wasn’t up to that, so went with sit-ups again. Must have done 100s that session!).

Session finished with the four people in the front line counting out 10 press-ups each, followed by the same four with 10 sit-ups each (again, I did sit-ups for both, and just counted the 10 press-ups rather faster. :P). Finally a bit of two man stretching, then off home.

All that exercise was just what I needed – been feeling hugely out of shape thanks to the damn injury, so this should help my muscles back into place. Hopefully. ;)

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