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09 November 2010

09/11/2010 - BJJ (Advanced)

Class #357
RGA High Wycombe, (BJJ), Kev Capel, High Wycombe, UK - 09/11/2010

Kev asked everyone who was staying for the next class what they wanted to work on, and the general response was how to go from closed guard to open guard when somebody stands up. Kev suggested that moving to cross-guard was a good option, which is what you call the position where you are gripping their opposite sleeve, your same side foot on their hip, the other foot hooking behind their other leg.

In order to go from there to a cross guard sweep, use your free hand to grab their same side heel. Lock that to your hip, lifting their foot slightly off the floor. Push on their hip with your foot, while simultaneously pulling with your hook behind their other leg. If you're having trouble knocking them down, angle the direction of your push a little, in the direction you want them to fall.

Once you finally manage to get them down, you can use that hold on their sleeve to sit up, bringing your knee across their leg. You can now go straight into a knee slide pass, pulling up on their sleeve to hinder their defence. It's the same technique Kev taught at the start of this year, if you're looking for a longer explanation.

That was it for technique, though Kev did suggest that deadlifts might be a good option to help develop better base when standing up in guard (which I'm pretty pants at, hence why I asked). I'm too lazy and undisciplined for weights, but if it would be cool to get some kind of regular standing up in guard drill going with my gf.

We then moved into sparring, which was free sparring except that you had to start in guard, and you also had to pass standing rather than from the knee. I forced myself to stand up a few times and almost immediately got swept, but still, only way to get used to it (though I have been saying that for years now). It also meant that I ready to defend straight away, so was generally at least able to switch to guard rather than simply get passed after getting knocked to the mat.

With both Howard and Kev, who were the two people I sparred that class, I found myself in a position where they were going for my back, but didn't have both their hooks in yet. In both cases, I was able to grab on their arm, with the intention of pulling on that and driving into them with my shoulder to move into top half guard. That didn't go as planned, as it mainly seemed to just stall them from securing the back.

However, Kev did say that it was the right idea, so I guess I need to just keep working on that and improve my pressure and angle. It would also be worth keeping Saulo's escape in mind, where he scoops down and then slips to the side (though that seems more like a late defence, compared to the early escape using their arm).

The onset of November also means that sweaty men have been sitting on my face for the last four years. For some reason, I keep coming back for more. ;p

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