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16 November 2010

16/11/2010 - BJJ (Advanced)

Class #360
RGA High Wycombe, (BJJ), Matt Burn, High Wycombe, UK - 16/11/2010

Those who read this blog at the main site rather than through Google Reader or Facebook may have noticed I've chopped up my header a bit. Hopefully (it looks ok in the browsers I checked, though personally I always use Firefox, so that's the best way to view the site), there is now a swish horizontal navigation menubar under the header, with menus that appear when you hover over the words. I followed the handy tutorial here, and will be playing around with it some more in the future, to see what happens. Let me know if the site now runs incredibly slow for you, or anything like that.

Matty kicked off the advanced class with a nifty choke from side control, using your gi lapel. You're in the classic side control position with an arm under the head. Open up your gi with your far hand: if possible, be sneaky and then hold the end of it your hand, so it is less obvious to your opponent. You can then have your hand by their far arm, where you're going to wait.

They will probably have their far arm into your throat. What you're waiting for is an opening to punch your hand inside that arm, then feed the gi lapel you were holding to your other hand, which is behind their hand. Get a firm grip: you may want to keep on feeding it further to make it even more secure. Cinch it tight to their neck, straightening the arm you have under their head.

Keeping your upper body low, walk your legs around towards their head, as if you were going to north south. At the same time, move your head towards their near hip: they will probably tap before you get there, but if not, keep going until you can put your head next to their hip. If the submission still isn't happening, make sure you're keeping your arm straight and pressed into their neck, so that your gi lapel digs into the other side of their neck.

Next, Matty went through a variation on the bow and arrow choke, off a grip break when attempting the kimura from north-south. As happens so often with the kimura from there, they've got a death grip on their belt, so you can't shift their arm despite having locked up the figure four. Changing tack, release the grip on your wrist and put your hand palm up.

With your other hand, grab the bottom of their gi and feed it to your first hand. Pull that in tight, bringing your hand back towards you arm and trapping their arm in the process. Get a grip on their collar with your free hand, then swivel to one side, bringing a leg over their shoulder and the other across their torso. From there, you can pull on the collar and push down with your legs to get the choke. Alternatively, you could try having your knee pressed into their head, but I find the leverage is better when you've got your legs over.

I was drilling in a three, so didn't actually get a chance to spar, because there was only time for two rounds (it was specific from side control again, so five minutes on top, five minutes on bottom). Not that I particularly minded, as it gave me a chance to scribble some notes down on my pad. Should be training against on Thursday, before heading up to Birmingham for the Christmas Market (my gf likes it, and it's always nice to get back in touch with one of my favourites things about being part-German: Aachener Printen. :D).

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