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16 November 2010

16/11/2010 - BJJ (Beginner)

Class #359
RGA High Wycombe, (BJJ), Matt Burn, High Wycombe, UK - 16/11/2010

I recently updated the summary of my training history in martial arts, mainly expanding the last paragraph into a new section covering 2009 up until today. So, if for some reason you want to know what I've been doing for the last eleven years, that summary should tell you everything you want to know (in regards to martial arts, at least).

Kev couldn't make it tonight, so Matty took the class (unfortunately shorn of his excellent Movember biker moustache, as apparently you aren't allowed those side bits in the fire service). After going through a double leg, Matty moved on to side control, beginning with an armbar. You're in a solid side control position, and you've somehow managed to get their far arm by your head, on the side nearest their legs: this could be because they're trying to escape an Americana, or perhaps they've tried to swim through for the underhook, and you've managed to block it.

Grab their arm a little below their elbow, using the arm that is nearest their legs. Pull them up onto their side, and make sure that your inside knee goes right into the armpit on their near side: this is important for later control, as otherwise they will find it much easier to block with their arm. Your other leg is based out, similar to how you'd arrange your legs in knee on belly.

With your free hand, push their head down. Step that based out leg over, putting the foot by their back, towards their hips. You can now swivel around to that side, grabbing their trouser leg, then drop back for the armbar (alternatively, you could sit on their head and go for the kimura from north-south). Ideally you want to keep hold of their leg, pulling them in tight so they can't try for the hitchhiker escape. It is possible to finish the armbar with one hand, but you may end up needing both hands (in which case make sure your body is angled towards their legs rather than their head, to help prevent their escape).

Matty then covered off the basic escape from side control, bridging into them and shrimping back to guard. He also noted that you could try swinging your legs right through and try for an armbar, though more as a distraction than a submission. That's something Chiu showed at Gracie Barra Birmingham when I was there, as it's a favourite attack of Braulio's.

Sparring was from side control, and for once I tried to put into practice what we'd just learned. On top, I pulled in the arm and went for the kimura from north south, but couldn't hold the position because I couldn't get that knee into the armpit. I was also looking for my favoured triangle position on top, but again couldn't quite work my leg through in order to lock it up and start to attack the far arm.

Underneath, I was going for the usual basic escape Matty had run through earlier. I almost recovered to guard a few times, and remembered to try stiff-arming into the shoulder and bicep, but didn't shrimp enough, so Howard was able to drive back through. I threw up a few triangle attempts from the bottom too, but wasn't able to attack the arm too well (although I think that may have been where I got some of those near-miss guard recoveries).

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