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08 December 2011

08/12/2011 - Teaching (Attacking Closed Guard)

Teaching #031
Gracie Barra Bristol, (BJJ), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 08/12/2011

I was off sick last week, so Donal took the Thursday class instead, teaching an armdrag to the back. My planned class last week was going to be in a similar vein, moving to the back via some of the methods I showed in my maintaining closed guard lesson. I had four techniques in mind, but didn't expect to get through them all, as it increasingly seems that two is the ideal number unless the third and fourth are very closely tied in to the previous options.

To start with, I chose a method for taking the back from the inside two-on-one grip break. Similar to an arm drag, except that instead of yanking their arm then gripping the bicep, you use the sleeve. Once you've pulled their arm across as discussed last time, make sure to also bring them towards you with your legs. Open your guard and turn, also reaching around their back with your arm.

Release the grip on their sleeve to come up on that elbow, trying to drive their shoulder to the mat so you can clamp your chest to their back. Bring your hip up, so that your knee can slide out for base, swinging your other foot over the top. From there, you'll look to establish the back, keeping in mind that you may be in for a fight to get that second hook in. Alternatively from there, you could try to roll through using your existing hook, taking the back that way.

If you're having real trouble getting that second hook in, then you can still move to a dominant position. So, the second technique is a transition to technical mount, a position I discussed here. You've got to the back, and are looking to insert your second hook. They're being really tight, blocking all your attempts. However, you still have one hook, as your leg is underneath. Make sure to curl your foot around their thigh.

Move your upper body to the opposite side of that foot. Put your hands on the mat, then simply move your body backwards, towards your hooking foot. Applying some pressure with the leg of that foot in conjunction with your movement backwards should enable you to roll them into a technical mount position. Bring your other knee in to secure them in place. From here, you could still go to the back, by putting that second knee up close to their head, rolling them over it and establishing both hooks (like the Galvao back take).

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