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29 October 2013

29/10/2013 - Jamie at GB Bristol (Running Escape & Guard Recovery)

Class #533
Gracie Barra Bristol, (BJJ), Jamie Horsman, Bristol, UK - 29/10/2013

Jamie (who received his well-deserved purple recently) taught the class tonight, teaching the running escape. Jamie began with the version Saulo teaches on Jiu Jitsu Revolution 1. They have near side grips. Bridge to make some initial space. Your aim is to create a gap so that you can turn on your side, getting your hand past their near shoulder: Jamie noted here that you only want to turn a certain amount, so not so far that they can start crushing their weight down onto you. Use that hand as a block, then step out with your bottom leg. Be careful you don't elbow your partner in the face as you do that, especially if you're pushing off their shoulder with your hand. That was followed by a slight variation, where rather than a big step out with the bottom leg, you 'scissored' them to enact the turn.

Jamie also covered the basic guard recovery, where you bridge, shrimp out, then insert your knee, shrimping again to establish guard. Geeza added in some useful details, as when he gets to that knee-in position, he uses it to shove their leg back. He can then bring his outside leg around to secure what he calls 'good' half guard (which he's mentioned before). In that position, you can retain control while also staying relatively mobile, which is much more difficult if you are instead holding half guard by wrapping inside their leg.

Sparring started with specific work from side control, before getting into free sparring. I had an enjoyable light roll with Tony, as he was injured: we played from guard. I wasn't able to do much about his base and he also prevented me from securing that deep Relson grip. Sweeping wasn't getting me too far either, as I wasn't combining techniques: I have a bad habit of going for a sweep, they post out, then I don't capitalise by transitioning to disrupting that arm.

I kept things light with Berry, who is also injured, looking to get on top. Attacking the turtle, I had a quick go for the Gerbi choke Kev taught on Sunday, but there was no way I was going to be able to feed that gi tail through. I'll keep having a play with it when I'm attacking turtle, as it's useful to have something other than the Felipe-style clock choke to go for (which is the main thing I currently attempt from turtle).

One of the white belts mentioned something interesting at the start of class, about how they've been having lots of success going for Ezequiels from side control. I only think of that submission from mount (and I guess I have to admit it is possible from inside somebody else's guard, but not something I use from there). I hadn't ever considered it as a side control attack, so that could be a fun variation to try.

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