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06 August 2014

06/08/2014 - Teaching | Butterfly Guard | Failed Sweep To Back Take

Teaching #177
Artemis BJJ (Bristol Sports Centre), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 06/08/2014

Directly after the women's class, we progressed from the butterfly sweep we did on Monday with a back take follow up. If you're using the orthodox grip for the butterfly sweep, where you have an underhook reaching around the back to grab their belt, you can do basically the same thing as if it was half guard. Shuck their arm by knocking it with your underhook, using the momentum to duck under their arm and spin to the back.

If you have the underhook deep to your shoulder, then knocking them forwards and ducking under is simple. But if you don't have that deep a grip, they can exploit the space if you try to take the back. So, in that situation, flaring your elbow out when you're knocking their arm can increase the efficacy of your back take attempt.

Teaching Notes: Very simple class today, acting as a useful opportunity to review the butterfly sweep itself as well as the follow-up. I also added in hopping towards them with the non-hooking foot, a tip I've found useful a number of times when trying to finish off this sweep. Chris had a couple of questions at the end about what to do if they flatten you onto your back. My first response would be trying to kick out and sit back up. Failing that, trying to set up a choke could work, especially if you're then able to sit back up to butterfly guard. You not only have a choke, you can completely kill their base by shoving their legs back as they try to resist.

It reminded me that I could add in the kick to the drilling, so I'll put that in place for the Saturday class at Impact (where I'll cover the basic butterfly again), along with the butterfly pass classes I'm planning to do next week at Bristol Sports Centre.

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