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04 September 2014

04/09/2014 - Artemis BJJ | The Back | Unwrapping the Turtle

Class #590
Artemis BJJ (Impact Gym), Dónal Carmody, Bristol, UK - 04/09/2014

Quick update from the Artemis BJJ website: the interview I did with Saulo Ribeiro is now up here. In regards to class tonight, I didn't get in much training, as I was helping out with teaching. Attendance was huge today, so we thought two instructors would be better than one (seeing as we were both there).

Still, while I didn't get to drill or spar, I was able to feel the technique in my usual role as Dónal's uke. You're on their back, attacking the turtle. When directly behind them, clamp your knees by their hips, then taking your feet off the floor, 'sit' on their thighs and sink your weight down and back (staying tight). That should cause their head to raise slightly, opening them up for attacks and your grips. Shifting to put your knee next to theirs, move round to the side and yank them towards you.

If they try to roll out over their shoulder and recover guard, reach through to far hip like last time. That escape motion was my main bit of drilling, while demonstrating it with Dónal : roll over your shoulder to get your guard back, swinging your legs in front of them. You're effectively rolling on the spot (pretty much the same motion as a breakfall, without the hand slapping part), as tight a turn as possible to recover your guard.

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