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03 September 2014

03/09/2014 - Teaching | The Back | Clock Choke

Teaching #192
Artemis BJJ (Bristol Sports Centre), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 03/09/2014

After the women's class, we continued with our position of the month. I went with the simplest attack I know from turtle, the clock choke. Personally I have never had much luck with the standard version, so I use an 'elbow wedge' variation I learned from my instructor Kev Capel (and he in turn learned it from Felipe Souza, who we both used to train with at RGA HQ).

From the side ride, move from grabbing their arm to reaching through for a grip on their far collar. To enhance that grip, there is the option of reaching under their arm with your far arm and opening up the collar, then feeding it to your other hand. Be aware that there is a danger of them reaching back to trap your elbow if you do that. Either way, once you have a deep grip, bring the arm that was by their far leg to the near side of their head. Use your elbow as a wedge against their skull, giving you a sort of 'backstop' to pull their collar through.

Pressing that arm into their skull produces a fair bit of leverage in conjunction with your collar grip. Increase it by leaning back slightly, while walking your legs around towards their head (but maintain your weight on their shoulders, or you'll relieve the pressure). This should result in a choke.

Teaching Notes: It's worth pointing out that if the grip isn't quite right on the far collar, this can end up being an air choke rather than a blood choke. So, worth considering that: I think the air choke can happen when your grip is too shallow. It also depends on the positioning of your wrist, as depending on how bent it is, that can cause your forearm to drive into their windpipe.

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