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31 December 2014

31/12/2014 - Teaching | Private

Teaching #254 - Private #003
Artemis BJJ (Bristol Sports Centre/MyGym), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 31/12/2014

This was nominally a women's class, but I wasn't expecting many people as the gym's opening hours meant it was running at 10am in the morning. Only Tracey was able to pop along, so the class turned into a private lesson instead. We just ran through everything she's learned so far, tightening up on the triangle and a few escapes. Sparring at the end, there was a noted improvement from Tracey. I definitely had to work a bit harder than before.

Her base was better and she was much harder to keep in guard, looking for the pass. That's always really cool to see, when somebody progresses from being unfamiliar in the guard to understanding the balance and posture required to launch a pass. Makes a huge difference. Fortunately, because she isn't heavy, that means I can spar pretty much as normal without having to worry about my leg.

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