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29 December 2014

29/12/2014 - Artemis BJJ | Open Mat | Half Guard

Class #620
Artemis BJJ (Bristol Sports Centre/MyGym), Open Mat, Bristol, UK - 29/12/2014

We went through some half guard stuff today, as I am considering doing half guard as the next position of the month (the problem would be if there are lots of new people, half guard probably isn't a good one to start with. So I might end up doing open guard). I refreshed my memory on some of the knee shield sweeps, which are mainly the scissor sweep and roll back, though I couldn't quite remember them properly. I'll check my notes from when I last taught those two. I was using far too much force on the roll back, which shouldn't be a strength move. I could only do it on the one leg: if I'd tried that on my injured side, that would not have ended well!

We also did a quick run through on the Ryan Hall guard maintenance from before, mostly a bit of sparring taking it fairly easy. That was followed by the same light bit of sparring on the back, again to keep in mind some of the Ryan Hall material Chris and I have been playing with over the last couple of months. Very relaxed bit of drilling, so I'll get in some more sparring when we next meet up on the Wednesday, for my final bit of 2014 training.

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