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20 September 2015

20/09/2015 - Open Mat | Guard Passing

Class #664
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Open Mat, Bristol, UK - 20/09/2015

I didn't get in all that much training today, but I was able to do a few rounds of guard passing with Chris. He's often keen to work on his guard, particularly switching techniques, as he can be single-minded and get stuck trying the same one repeatedly. From my perspective, I was looking to establish good entry grips for the pass. I ended up going for the head and/or chest, then also grabbing a leg if possible. That set me up for the knee cut pass, as long as I could get enough of a grip to stop him trying to go for my back. A few times I ended up moving through into north-south as a result, because his legs were blocking the easy transition into side control.

I wasn't going for the bullfighter much, mainly because my fingers have been really sore for the last month or two. I've had that problem before and IIRC I took a load of fish oil and vitamin supplements, so I should try that again. Chris (who is in the process of doing a kettlebell qualification, so well informed on grip strength) suggested building up the opposite muscles, flexing your hands with some elastic bands around the fingers. I've tried that before, but as with taking supplements, I tend to forget to do it after a while. Still, I did it after training and it did provide some immediate short-term relief. One of those difficult-to-avoid jiu jitsu problems I guess, especially if you don't like training nogi. ;)

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