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18 September 2015

18/09/2015 - Teaching | Side Control | Near Side Armbar from Breadcutter Choke

Teaching #391
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 18/09/2015

You're going for the breadcutter choke, but they manage to block your choking arm. No problem, you can switch to an armbar (near side, this time). Adjust your grip so you can press their blocking arm to the mat. Clamp your collar gripping arm to your side, in order to trap their arm. Scoot in close to them, putting your shin against their side. That means the foot of your leg curls in by their shoulder, your knee pointing towards their hips.

Your other leg goes over their head. As you drop back for the armbar, swivel the leg you have against their side so the knee points up, pinching against their arm. You will also need to let go of your grip on their collar as you slide up their arm. From here, keep their arm secured under your armpit. You can get the tap by leaning backwards. If you need more control, bring both legs over into an orthodox armbar position. There is the option of switching to grip their wrist with your hands too, transitioning to an orthodox armbar finish.

Xande has an excellent video where he covers not only the breadcutter, but switching into both the far side and near armbars. You can check it out over on BJJ Library: lots of useful details on the whole sequence.


Teaching Notes: The two things to emphasise next time would be getting that knee up, to make sure you've got your knees clamping their arm, then secondly staying in close enough. That second one is more difficult. It's also the main problem I have with armbars generally, as I tend to find it's hard to completely close off any space to prevent their escape. You've also got the problem with this variation that you don't have both legs over initially. Then again, that armpit clamp on their arm feels pretty strong if you can lock it up properly. :)

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