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15 November 2015

15/11/2015 - Open Mat | Turtle

Class #680
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Open Mat, Bristol, UK - 15/11/2015

Having spent the week looking at turtle, I wanted to get in some more practice on turtle escapes. The main one I know is the simple one, rolling over your shoulder back into guard. There's also Donal's 'wing' escapes, which I could potentially show too. I'll see how it goes on Monday with that shoulder roll. As Kirsty and Steve had missed a few classes, I ran through what we'd been doing on turtle with them. Good spar with Tracey too, who continues to improve: great to see her son Matt back on the mats too, the youngest Artemis BJJ student. :)

We had time for some more comp prep for Paul as well, getting in a round with Steve. Hopefully Chris and Paul will be able to make it to the same open mat at some point, with enough other people in attendance that we can shark tank them properly (i.e., lots of short rounds, lots of different people, so they always are with a fresh opponent to test their stamina and ability to stay calm under pressure).

Also, as I don't think I'm mentioned it yet, we're doing a mini GrappleThon on the 12th December, to support the ROLLforROWWW event that Chantelle is organising over in the US. Full details here, everyone welcome! :D

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