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16 November 2015

16/11/2015 - Teaching | The Back | Turtle Escape

Teaching #422
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 16/11/2015

To escape the turtle position, your main options generally involve turning back to guard. If they leave enough space, you may be able to do a tight roll over your shoulder to swing your legs back into play. However, with a more experienced opponent, they will often be able to anticipate your roll and move around the side control.

Another option for when they are on your side starts by stepping your near side leg behind them. Cut your other knee in front, just past their knee. Block their other leg by grabbing it, then turn underneath. If they are smaller than you or the same size, you may be able to roll them right over and get side control. If not, then guard recovery should be possible, at the very least half guard.

Should they make the mistake of reaching deep with their arm, you have a simple method to get on top. Trap their elbow by bringing your same side arm back and wrapping it tight. Look away, kick back your same side leg and roll through, getting your weight up onto them. In wrestling, this is apparently called a 'Peterson roll'.

Teaching Notes: I didn't go into detail on the Peterson roll, so I'll do that next time. I also mentioned the tip from Tom Barlow, where you hook your feet over/under theirs, though I need more time to play with that before I do a full class on it. I was a bit uncertain about the leg you step behind, as I'm not sure if that open you up for any attacks (like a rolling knee bar) or escapes. Seemed to work ok, but I'll keep testing.

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