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27 April 2016

27/04/2016 - Open Mat | Armbar Escape & X Guard

Class #716
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 27/04/2016

As I've moaned for some time on the blog, I need to get in more training. I've therefore been attempting to squeeze in extra sessions. Today, I got to the gym an hour early, along with a few Artemis BJJ students. We kicked off by going through the techniques I wanted to teach in tonight's mixed class, which were armbar escapes. I keep forgetting which way to go with the hitchhiker escape, so it's always good to get a refresher. Also, while I think the escapes are solid, I did wonder about how to deal with the figure four grip. When I get that locked in, the escapes don't seem quite as effective: you have to unlock the figure four first, as far as I can tell. Just pushing the arm up seemed to help on that, though I'm sure there is a proper way to unlock it (possibly on that same Gustavo Machado DVD, that has loads of excellent escapes).

x guard came up again, as an option for when you have a leg by their shin. I never use it and therefore don't understand it too well: there's only one sweep I know from there, where you do the technical stand-up. Something I should play with more, a couple of people have been playing with x-guard, so I'll put that on my long list of stuff to investigate. Other things I considered were Jason Scully's double shin sweep (which again I want to revisit), plus perhaps some deep half guard. There is a load of guard coming up soon during our position of the month, so that will be a good time to try it all out.

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