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07 August 2016

07/08/2016 - Open Mat | Open Guard

Class #761
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 07/08/2016

I continued trying to incorporate those new open guard options I learned from the Ana seminar, this time against some more experienced training partners. It seems to be progressing ok at the moment, as I was able to hit a few of the sweeps, combining some of the motions. What I need to work out is the optimum combination and typical reactions. I am still using my sitting guard as the core to build on, then moving into either shin-on-shin or reverse de la Riva depending on how they respond to that sitting guard.

When they step in, shin on shin works nicely to then start moving into an attack, aiming to off-balance. I think that feels most natural when they aren't giving me good grips on their sleeves. With shin on shin, I can sit up and grab the lapel or the belt, switching to the arm if they attempt to block my grips. If I can get sleeves, I looked to move into the deep de la Riva x, or reverse de la Riva. Paul was doing a good job of knocking my foot off his hip when I was trying for reverse de la Riva, but that could lead into deep de la Riva x if I can get a sleeve, or a standard de la Riva sitting up if I can't get a sleeve.

I would prefer to be in shin on shin for that, as it gives me much more control of the leg because I can lift. The problem with shin on shin (along with the soreness on the shin if you do it for extended periods) is when I get stuck if they can go low, I'm not sure how best to switch into something else. Though what Ana said about swivelling around for a single leg makes sense, especially if you have managed to feed some gi underneath. I'll keep playing with it, these various open guards are working for me at the moment (though again, probably not if I was with purple and brown belts).

There is also the option of switching back to my old favourite of the ankle pick sweep. In combination with shin on shin, reverse de la Riva and deep de la Riva x, that is handy to throw in. It's got a different kind of angle and pressure to the other guards, so people forget about it if you've been trying the other three for a while on them. Having that to switch back to felt good.

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