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17 August 2016

17/08/2016 - Teaching | Closed Guard | Armbar (Climbing)

Teaching #548
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 17/08/2016

Rather than the usual armbar I teach, I wanted to draw on Chris Haueter's excellent lesson from this year's BJJ Globetrotter campin Leuven. Start by controlling the wrists (harking back to the hands, head, hips approach he emphasised throughout his classes). Reach over their arms, keeping your arm pressing into both of theirs, then hook their elbow.

Pull that elbow across, to get control of the arm. Next, hook your opposite hand around their shoulder to anchor into their armpit. Use that to break their posture. Climb your legs up their back, until you can get a leg over their shoulder (on the side you have their arm controlled). Make sure you maintain the tension all the way throw, not giving them any space to pull their arm free.

Once you have your leg over their trapped-arm side shoulder, clamp down with your other leg into their armpit. Reach your shoulder leg over their head. Angle that leg by the head slightly, like in Adam Adsheads old DVD. Hauetuer perfectly condensed it into five words: pull, hook, climb, reach, armbar.

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Teaching Notes: I think the main thing to emphasise on this next time is staying tight and getting that leg over the shoulder. Some people were getting confused as to which leg, but saying it's on the side of the arm you're attacking should hopefully help. As both legs are already climbing up, your other leg should already be in position by the armpit.

I've add a new open mat into the schedule for Wednesdays, as a few people have been asking. That means there is now looooads of open mat time, which is good as I think that's key for drilling and extra sparring. That goes for me too, I just need to make myself spar enough. I seem to have a lot of niggling injuries that pop up, especially my wrist and neck, so hopefully the extra weight training I've started will help resolve that. :)

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