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25 October 2016

25/10/2016 - Open Mat | Armbar Escapes

Class #776
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 25/10/2016

Today people were asking about armbar defence, probably because I've been teaching lots of armbars. My two main options are pushing the leg. You can either push their leg off your head by bridging and coming through, or push their other leg towards your legs. That's one Chris does, I think, which Mike has picked up well. I should teach that some time, I don't often show specific submission escapes (I do at open mat when people ask, but probably time I showed some more as the main class).

A video posted by Artemis BJJ (@artemisbjj) on

Another question, what about when they cross their feet and press down with their thighs? Generally beginners will relax their legs when they cross their feet, making the escape easier. However, as Chad Wright's class at Leuven this year showed, there is a way to cross the feet with finesses, still creating tension with the thighs. Simon (who also at that camp with me) is getting good at that. Does the same escape as for the orthodox armbar still apply? I shall get testing (note, Chad replied to that video above with his thoughts, so worth clicking on it, hint hint ;p).

Pretty relaxed today. Good turnout again: Tuesday is becoming a decent sized open mat now. Still only five or six at most, but I'm happy with that for a weekday lunchtime. I'm keen to start a Thursday daytime open mat too, but will be a while before the club brings in enough that I can cut down my office job hours enough for that.

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