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29 November 2016

29/11/2016 - Open Mat | Knee Shield | Hug Guard

Class #785
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 29/11/2016

I'm going to generally write up material I learn from the Friday workshop here, as it fits better. So, from last Friday, we went through Sam's knee shield, something I've wanted to do ever since we started the Q&A workshops (though that wasn't very long ago ;)D). The main tweak I took away from what Sam said was blocking in front of their knee that's cutting through, using the back of your bottom leg. Sam also highlighted the importance of keeping the knees relatively near eachother, keeping that equidistant. He also hooks under their thigh with his bottom foot (not to the extent of a full DLR though), along with the usual points about a strong cross-grip and getting on your side.

At the Monday open mat (which I'll also include on these Tuesday write-ups), I was trying the Saulo option for when they are almost past. He calls it 'hug guard', which appears to work as a method for preventing them finishing their pass. You get on your side, 'top' hand reaching down to grab your opposite hip, 'bottom' arm folded back to defend, elbows staying tight. It felt a bit like the facepalm in half guard, though I need to play with it more to get it down.

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