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16 December 2016

16/12/2016 - Teaching | Half Guard | Arm Squash Pass (Paul Schreiner)

Teaching #611
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 16/12/2016

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Tonight I wanted to share an interesting concept from Paul Schreiner's app, where instead of a cross face or underhook, he focuses heavily on controlling their arm. He still uses an underhook, but notes that it would technically be possible to complete the pass without that underhook: having the underhook just makes a more secure block to their back take attempt.

So, get the underhook, then attain control of their other arm. Drive your chest into that arm, grabbing it with your own same side arm, pulling it tight. You also need to get your hips right off your partner and onto the mat, pressing in hard. Twist upwards towards their head, still tightly controlling their arm, until you have enough space to put your free foot on their same side thigh. Use that leverage to push, in order to free your trapped leg. If you need to, raise your hips to drive the knee through.

Teaching Notes: The big thing was hips on the ground, a lot of people weren't getting them right onto the mat. That's what I'll emphasise if I teach this one again. I haven't had all that much luck getting into the position in sparring, as I find it tricky to get enough control of that arm when you start off in specific sparring, but it's effective once you have the arm. Worth showing again, but I'd want to work some more on the set-up before I do, or work out where the situation of you having that kind of control might crop up.

I have been trying to incorporate what I've learned from the earlier video from Schreiner, where he talks about layers of half guard defence. That was really good and I think mastering that would lead into the pass. I'll need to rewatch that a bunch before I teach this again, do lots of sparring with that layers video firmly in mind too.

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