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24 December 2016

24/12/2016 - RGA Bucks | Half Guard

Class #791
RGA Aylesbury, (BJJ), Kev Capel, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, UK - 24/12/2016

I am not normally in Aylesbury in time to do the xmas eve training at RGA Bucks, but this year I managed it. Very useful, as I had annoyingly missed the session I wanted to go to in November because Megabus messed up. I like to check in with Kev at least six times a year, this final 2016 session marking the sixth (I think?).

Half guard tonight, starting by grabbing their wrist and pushing it between their legs. They've underhooked your other arm, meaning you need to wriggle your legs into play (this part I found tricky: I wasn't sure if you should let go of their wrist, or try to swim your leg inside your arm). That sets you up for a triangle.

You can also attempt a 'tee pee' triangle, where from that position you reach underneath both your legs and extend them. Switching to the reverse triangle is another option, meaning your legs are locked the other way.

In rolling, I got crushed under Sandeep's side control, which is what always happens with him. The only difference is how long I hold him off. Tonight I was still trying to save my fingers and avoid gripping too much, which appeared to make Sandeep's pass even quicker. He's very good at grabbing a sleeve and a leg, then bringing that inside to drop his shoulder and pass. I guess more grip breaking might help, though I don't want to get into a grip breaking battle with a strong wrestler like him. ;)

Sandeep also landed a nice footlock on me later (pressing the other foot into the hip, compared to what I'm used to). I recognised it, as I know from following Instagram posts that he learned it from a certain Mr Yang down in Borehamwood. ;)

I then got squished by a big white belt, where I stayed defensive. When I attempted to move into deep half, he got a lovely spin through, I think to my back? Either way, it looked smooth from where I was. Finally, the important roll, with my instructor Kev. I'm continuing to work on framing, grabbing the collar and scooting back Ryan Hall style.

He said it is improving: the trouble I have is once he gets that grip around my back and holding the opposite collar, it is extremely tough to maintain my guard. That's something I shall play with more. Of course, Kev is an experienced black belt, so it's not like he has to try very hard to pass my guard. ;p

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