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31 January 2017

31/01/2017 - Open Mat (Tuesday) | New Judo for BJJ class starts next Wednesday, 17:55-18:25

Class #798
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - -31/01/2017

I didn't do much today, apart from a roll with Heidi, which was handy. I'm continuing to practice that foot in the bicep guard, attempting to switch from the arm to the hip, as well as regularly switching grips to avoid bashing up my fingers. I need to remember to push and pull, really using that collar grip. I also mustn't get too attached to the thumb in grip, though I do want to keep exploring it.

For the rest of the open mat, I was watching Federico show some throws to Heidi. He did a great job (he is a judo black belt), to the extent that I jumped on his clear enjoyment of teaching. I've been considering changing up the Wednesday open mat that runs from 17:55-18:25. A number of people have shown interest in improving their takedowns, and as Federico likes to teach, I offered him the chance to do a Judo for BJJ class. That will be starting next week, which is great! Two new instructors (the other is Lisa, now in charge of the women's class) in the course of a few days. Awesome. I'll get Federico's bio and pic sorted for the website soon. :D

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