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22 February 2017

22/02/2017 - Teaching | Open Guard | Inside Spiralhook Tilt

Teaching #635
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 22/02/2017

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Previously I showed inside spiralhook where it is essentially a tripod sweep set-up. Today, I went with the version that is like a long range knee shield, open guard's version of half guard. Again you have grabbed their collar, pulling them down, while also hooking your foot on the inside of their leg, wrapping around the outside of their thigh. Your other leg is across their stomach, while your remaining hand grabs their same side wrist. Shove that underneath your bottom leg, which already starts to put them off balance.

From here, the sweep requires a particular pass attempt. They go for the leg weave, bringing their arm behind the hooking knee, trying to grab the other knee. If you don't do anything, they can squish your knees together and go for the pass. Before that hand gets any further, switch your grip from their collar to that wrist/sleeve. You can then tilt your body towards your knee shielding leg. As they have nothing to post with, you can roll right through. You end up with their arm wrapped by your leg in an odd position, but it sets you up for side control or potentially even mount.

In practice, that turn isn't always enough to knock them over. I've found it is therefore a good idea to be ready to switch into a butterfly hook with your bottom leg. That provides the leverage you need to complete the motion.

Teaching Notes: This is a sequence from JJS #036, which has a whole bunch of 'what if' scenarios for inside spiralhook. I had Sam in mind when wanting to teach these, as he uses this knee shield position a lot. It's also a position I want to play with more myself, as it can be good for slowing down the action, something I'm always keen to do when sparring. For next time, I think it's worth highlighting the the butterfly hook is there as a back up for when things go wrong, rather than the first thing you try. Also, people kept letting go of the bottom hand, which makes it tougher to get in position and complete the sweep: if that hand is free, it can start messing things up by grabbing legs and collars. ;)

I think gripping the sleeve is much stronger than gripping the wrist, so I may just teach it like that next time, ignoring the wrist altogether (though it is less painful on the fingers if you're grasping a wrist). Also, people need to know the leg weave for this: Paul's class right before was exactly on that leg weave, fitting well, but it is difficult to teach this without it (as the person on top won't know what to do).

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