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23 April 2017

23/04/2017 - NoGi | Side Control to Kneebar or the Truck (video)

Class #814
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Rich Lindsay, Bristol, UK - 23/04/2017

I am trying to get along to more Sunday nogi sessions, as I've been having a lot of trouble in terms of bashing up my fingers in gi. The ringfingers on each hand keep getting tweaked, which is making it difficult to spar. I therefore thought that doing more nogi might help me get more comfortable with other grips, especially from open guard. Another thing it enables me to do is take a lot of video, as the nogi instructor at Artemis BJJ has the necessary self-confidence to put themselves out there online. I'll therefore just direct you to the videos, rather than write too much about the technique. Rich teaches lots of techniques in his class, all of which is up there on the Artemis BJJ social media. :)

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