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23 April 2017

23/04/2017 - Open Mat (Sunday)

Class #815
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 23/04/2017

Right after the nogi, it was time for open mat. Rich, Paul, Sam L, Sam G, Erick and Ian all popped down. I have still been taking it easy as my right ringfinger is struggling to grip properly at the moment. It also gets tweaked easily, which remains painful: I need to tape it to another finger next time, that buddy taping normally means you can still spar without risking further injury. I ended up with a crucifix towards the end, as I still had a kimura grip in turtle when he tried to grab my foot.

I was looking to do the walking forwards thing from Aesopian's book, which I think is the easiest crucifix set up. From the crucifix I was wary of going for the gi choke I usually prefer, due to my busted finger. Instead, I rotated up into a standard kimura from north south. I guess I could have gone for a single arm choke, though that might have put my finger at risk too.

Rolling with Sam G was cool too, as he's always a big challenge. He's also changed his approach a bit, so there wasn't as much explosive movement this time. My fingers certainly appreciated that, much less chance of being tweaked. I tried locking his heel to his thigh when passing knee shield, which limited success. In terms of blocking the knee cut, I was pulling the gi through, which helped but wouldn't have stopped the pass if he was being more explosive. The only real block I managed was purely down to some lucky timing, coming up just as he had his weight on my hips, ready to pass the knee shield.

Hopefully I will get back into sparring properly soon, though I always say that. When my natural laziness is augmented by a few injuries, it is much harder to make myself spar! Getting older isn't fun, your body has a lot more trouble recovering. ;)

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