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This website is about Brazilian jiu jitsu (BJJ). I'm a black belt who started in 2006, teaching and training at Artemis BJJ in Bristol, UK. All content ©Can Sönmez

30 April 2017

30/04/2017 - Open Mat (Sunday)

Class #817
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 30/04/2017

I had a good roll today, looking for those kimuras as always. I was trying for it from top, but also looking to see if I can switch into a crucifix. I couldn't quite land that, but did maintain the figure four pretty much the whole time. Again, I still need to be careful of the fingers. I also need to remind myself of that Jacare variation where you keep walking through to the other side. I sort of went for that but couldn't remember it properly, which almost ended up giving my back. Not the best way to attack! Main thing, useful sparring. More tape next time, plus buddy taping, I keep forgetting to do that.

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