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28 June 2017

28/06/2017 - Open Mat (Wednesday)

Class #836
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 28/06/2017

I didn't end up doing all that much as the Wednesday morning open mat, given it was just Heidi, Rich and I. However, I did Facebook Live a good chunk of it once again. I am enjoying getting into the habit of that. I need to remember to use a tripod though, so I don't end up spinning the camera in weird ways. Looked like they were sparring up a wall, due to me rotating after I'd already started filming. ;)

Even when I don't get much training in at the morning open mat, they are useful for admin. I can sort out my next Instagram/Facebook post, respond to class inquiries, get some more footage, edit video and so on. I am slowly settling into a pattern with all this open mat time, picking certain days to roll more. I am on the mats 16+ hours a week now, so I don't need to worry as much about sparring all the time. There's scope to get in plenty. Of course, I still need to make sure I do it and I'm not being lazy. ;)

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