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24 July 2017

24/07/2017 - BJJ Globetrotter Camp | Leuven 2017 | Framing (Wim Deputter)

Class #850
BJJ Globetrotter Camp (Sportoase Leuven), Wim Deputter, Leuven, Belgium, 24/07/2017

This was another lesson built around a single idea, like Graugart's opening lesson. Rather than talking about bellybuttons, Wim's concept was framing, primarily as an escape from under side control or scarf hold. Both your arms are at right angles, elbows in tight to your sides. The 'top' arm is over their clavicle, while the 'botom' arm is either against their bicep or their hip, depending on their arm position. Turn your nose down towards the ground, bringing your head back. Engage your hips, like you're doing a small bridge.

If they've got your under side control or scarf hold, walk your legs slightly back, then bring one leg under the other to turn and come on top. Your frame needs to stay solid throughout, to prevent them putting you flat on your back. Alternatively, you can try moving them up, extending the top arm, until you make a little space to bring your knee through.

Wim spent a long time on this concept: he was still going by the time I needed to head off back to the flat. His teaching style is to talk his uke through the move, correcting as he goes. I can see the benefits of that, highlighting common errors, appealing to different learning styles. Personally, I prefer the standard option where the instructor does the technique and talks you through the details, particularly as that's quicker, but diversity is good.

That may partially be why I had some trouble drilling this, as I wasn't always sure exactly what we were supposed to drilling. Once he'd explained the basic idea, that made sense, it was the additional tweaks that didn't sink into my head. The central concept was useful though, I plan to drill that some more. It fits with some of the side control stuff using a stiff arm, from Jeff Rockwell.

I did sort of go to David Morcegao's class before that (in that I filmed bits of it, he was showing the back take from closed guard where you drag the arm across), but didn't manage to nab a training partner in time. Next time I should just hold my hand up and get somebody, rather than being all anti-social and only ever sticking with people I already know. Good to get out of my shell. ;)

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